Welcome to the Twinned Worlds

Long ago Zotharious had corrupted the hearts of the people, turning joy into sadness, calm into fear, and acceptance into hate. Where once there had only been the children basking in Alterria’s light there now were also the people of Zotharious’ shadow. Alterria watched with sadness as stife and war claimed her children. Unable to allow it to continue any longer Alterria confronted Zotharious. Her equal in strength, Zotharious was certain of his victory. Where Alterria’s strength was in creation and life, Zotharious controlled destruction and death. He was mistaken. Sacrificing herself Alterria worked a miracle that split the world in two, sealing Zotharious forever within the core of the new world and sending all the races of shadow to the new world. Gone, but not forgotten, her essence spread out to every being in her world, and her children named the once nameless world Alterria.

- Interpretation of one of the carved murals within the Eternal Spire

Alterria is a world created for the Dungeons and Dragons forth edition campaign. The campaign is designed to give a background for a world that utilizes all of the core elements of D&D, allow for a “points of light” style campaign, while giving it a unique style and flavor with culture and history while still being easy enough to grasp quickly and ease into right away.